Resource packs

Resources for Mavar members

Mavar has commissioned several information packs for its members both in London and Manchester, to help them explore the outside world:

  1.  GENERAL RESOURCES PACK: information to help you access education, housing, employment, welfare, legal advice and relevant websites.
  2.  EDUCATION PACK: detailed information about courses, colleges and funding.
  3.  DIVORCE GUIDE: a short summary of the processes involved in getting a divorce.
  4.  VOCATIONAL PATHWAYS GUIDE: information about Apprenticeships and Vocational Qualifications.

In the General Resources Pack you’ll find answers to questions you might have about the process of exploring the world beyond ultra-orthodoxy, and where to begin.  Have a look at the CONTENTS list below to see the information available. To read an example of a section click: Improving Spoken English.

If you want to find out how Mavar can help you or to request a copy of one of our packs, email:


      FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions… and our Answers:

  1. Beyond the Charedi community
  2. About Mavar
  3. Where do I begin?
  4. Exploring the outside world
  5. If I choose to leave the community



  1. Housing
  2. Education
  3. Improving Spoken English Click here
  4. Employment
  5. Welfare and Benefits
  6. Legal


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