Social Signposting

Social Signposting

There’s such a lot to do in the wider world, it can be overwhelming knowing where to start. So we’ve compiled some useful lists to help you dip your toe in.

You might want to join an exercise class, sing in a choir, go to a football match, join a Friday night dinner with other young people, check out an art exhibition, watch a film? The choices are endless.

You can find these lists in Mavar’s Resource Pack which is available to Mavar members. If you’d like a copy, email Matty can also link you up with someone from the Mavar network of ‘befrienders’ if you’d rather not go to an event alone.

Many members want to meet new people, connected or unconnected with Judaism. The ‘Social Signposting’ section of the pack lists:

  • events where you can meet people
  • apps for making new friends
  • websites of interesting places to go around London, Manchester and Leeds

Volunteering is another great way to meet new people whilst giving something back at the same time. You’ll find the resources on this in the pack too, listing ideas about where you can volunteer.

Here’s an example of websites listed in our Resource Pack where you can meet new people:

Go Mammoth: Directory of sports teams who take individual joiners

Obby: Directory of craft classes:

Good Gym: Exercise and volunteering:

Meet Up: Meet up groups searchable by area and interest. Has an enormous variety of groups.