As Mavar approaches its 5th anniversary, it’s a good time to take stock and celebrate our achievements – of which there are many!

Men and women (mostly between the ages of 19 and 35) have benefited from caring, professional guidance and support offered by over 90 volunteer mentors, tutors, counsellors, lawyers, education, welfare and career specialists, family hosts, befrienders………  the list goes on!

  • 75% of those who have turned to Mavar have been matched to a personal mentor

“I am extremely grateful to you for setting the two of us up. Talking to him has been invaluable.”

  •  50% have been catching-up with their education. 

“Against all odds and in contrast to popular wisdom thanks to you I managed to get into college in an unbelievably short amount of time.”

  • 31% have received employment /careers guidance –  some securing jobs

“I was amazed and very happy of the careers advice and have booked (the vocational course) already last night. What I would do without you?”

  •  27% have had weekly counselling

“Mavar introduced me to my therapist of two years who helped me confront painful experiences of the past opening my ability to trust myself and those in my world.”

  • 25% have enjoyed hospitality and social events

“Mavar provided extremely clear guidelines where to begin my journey, as well as plenty of social contacts. I am grateful to this wonderful organization for instilling confidence in me….”

  • 18% have received £32,500 worth of grants and loans

“Mavar lent me money whilst I was looking for work and got grants for me to pay the initial deposit and rent on the student housing they found for me.  I was also given a laptop, essential for my studies, a grant to buy basic household needs and a grant to help with the cost of GCSE courses. Mavar has saved my spiritual life by giving me the possibility of starting life anew.”

  • 11% have been advised by expert family and immigration lawyers                                                          

We’re proud to have enabled so many young people to overcome barriers, achieve goals and move forward in their lives in ways determined entirely by them.

Members have told us:

 “Mavar has been professional and discreet and followed through on everything they say they will.”

This is just a small selection of the many glowing responses we’ve received.  We feel privileged to be lending a hand to the many people who are courageously forging new paths for themselves, and taking back ‘agency’ in their lives.’