Information Packs

Mavar Information Packs 

Mavar has commissioned several information packs for its members, both in London and Manchester, to help them navigate the outside world:

  1.  WELCOME PACK: information for new members about Mavar and the services we offer.  
  2.  GENERAL RESOURCES PACK: information on education, housing, employment, welfare, legal advice, social opportunities and relevant websites.
  3.  EDUCATION PACK: detailed information about courses, colleges and funding.
  4.  DIVORCE GUIDE: a short summary of the processes involved in getting a divorce.
  5.  VOCATIONAL PATHWAYS GUIDE: information about Apprenticeships and Vocational Qualifications.
  6. DATING AND RELATIONSHIPS GUIDE: ideas to help you navigate dating and relationships in the secular world.

In the General Resources Pack you’ll find answers to questions you might have about the process of exploring the world beyond ultra-orthodoxy, and where to begin.  To read an example of a section from the pack click: Improving Spoken English.

To request a copy of any of the packs listed above, email: