What is Mentoring?

What is Mentoring?

Mavar’s mentoring support may be different from other kinds of mentoring you’re familiar with, so please take a few moments to have a look at what we can offer you.

Getting to know you

The mentor we link you up with will want to get to know you and have an understanding of what has led you to the point where you’ve decided to make some changes in your life.  It can take a while for you to get to know your mentor and feel comfortable talking about yourself.  Your mentor will understand this. He/she will ask you about your background, family life, education etc, but please be assured that our mentors treat personal information with the utmost confidentiality.  You don’t have to share more than you want, however, the more we understand, the better we can support you.  Occasionally an issue could arise where your mentor needs the advice of a specialist who could be of assistance to you.  If that’s the case your mentor will ask for your permission to do so.

Information and guidance

One of the mentor’s roles is to provide information and guidance.  Depending on what you’ve identified as your prime goals or interests, the mentor will help you find out as much information as you’ll need to make informed choices about how to move forward.  The mentors are not there to tell you what to do or make choices for you, however, they can help set out the various pathways and options open to you.  It will always be your decision about which pathway to take, but we’ll be there to provide some guidance along the way.

Setting goals

In order to help you move forward towards your long-term goal/s, we’ll help you set short-term ones.  So for instance, if you’d like to go to University either for academic or vocational purposes, we’ll help you understand the potential study routes and which courses you should consider taking to get the qualifications needed for a University application.  Or if you’re considering leaving the Charedi community we’ll discuss the financial, social and emotional implications of this with you and help you find a way forward.  We can help you set realistic goals and we’ll be there to help you prioritise the things you need to do to achieve your goals – if you need that from us.  Not everyone does.

Referrals and Networks

Mavar’s mentors work, to some extent, as a team.  Whilst everything you tell your mentor is confidential, if you identify something that requires specialist knowledge, such as legal issues or questions about educational opportunities, we can support you best by bringing in a specialist from the team.  We have family lawyers, welfare specialists, education specialists, employment advisors, social workers etc.  Everyone needs or wants something different, so the team can be called on as and when necessary.  We also have a wide network of people employed in different sectors, so if you’d like to speak to someone who works in a sector that’s of interest to you, we can put you in touch.

Mavar also has a network of tutors, counsellors and therapists who have offered their time for just £5 an hour.

Socials and Hospitality

If it’s important to you to get to know people beyond the ex-Charedi community and you want to integrate with the wider Jewish (and non-Jewish) world, your mentor can put you in touch with one of our younger  team members who organise social events and run our facebook page with up-to-date events around town.  Or the mentor can recommend a buddy or someone from our network of families offering hospitality.  Mentors don’t offer hospitality themselves, but they are warm, empathetic individuals who will want to get to know you well and support you through the ups and downs of your ‘journey’. Mavar also runs occasional workshops to help individuals understand how the wider world operates.

Communication and meeting up

Depending on your needs you can meet up regularly or occasionally with your mentor.  For some people this could mean once every couple of weeks and for others it might be once every few months.  You can also be in email or phone contact and your mentor will let you know what his or her availability is to speak on the phone.  Meetings can take place in any public space that you feel comfortable with – a library, a café, a hotel lobby or somewhere more discreet if required.

We hope you and your mentor have a fruitful and warm relationship, however, should you have any further questions or concerns, please get in touch with Alex, Mavar’s Line Manager on 0208 144 5074.