Mavar Pesach Appeal

Each year, Jews around the world gather with friends and family in our homes for a Pesach seder to remember the story of Exodus. As we prepare to mark this festival once again, we know that many of our fellow Jews stuck in or fleeing from the war in Ukraine will be unable to do so.

That is why we’ll be donating half of the proceeds from our annual Pesach appeal to World Jewish Relief’s Ukraine Crisis Appeal. Following the Russian invasion of Ukraine, communal charities have diverted support from their services to World Jewish Relief’s Ukraine Crisis Appeal. WJR are raising £10 million to support partner charities working on the ground to deliver essential support to refugees and those left behind.

Mavar’s work to support people exploring life beyond the Charedi world will continue and grow, however right now we are compelled to focus on issues of life and death in Ukraine.

Gathering for a Pesach Seder at home with friends and family is something that thousands of Ukrainian Jews will not have the luxury to do, as they and millions of others seek refuge from the war.

Given our work with our members, who during their journey often have nowhere to go to celebrate such milestones in the Jewish year, we felt compelled to join this communal appeal. It is right to extend our support where we can, and we are proud to be donating proceeds from our appeal to World Jewish Relief.

To donate now please click here. To learn more about our work please feel free to reach out to me.

Best wishes

Amos Schonfield CEO, Mavar