Next steps for Mavar

Great progress made last weekend at our Board of Management’s AWAY DAY.

Armed with post-it notes, caffeine and mini beigels we brainstormed lots of ideas to push our services forward and overcome a few of the barriers and challenges our members face.  Our members include those still living within the strictly orthodox community, as well as those at the point of leaving, and those who left a while ago.  With such a range of members, for example:

  • ex charedi, OTD, reverse marranos, the ‘questioners’ and those who wish to stay frum;
  • married, separated, single;
  • men, women, LGBT, straight;
  • unemployed, working;
  • graduates, and those with no qualifications at all (i.e. the majority) …..

we have our work cut out for us!

So some of our new ideas include:

An Accommodation Fund

Mindful of London’s exorbitant rental market, we’ll be setting up an Accommodation Fund to help those of our members most in need find affordable housing.  Thankfully, we already have a few families who offer Emergency Housing, but we’ll be boosting this with affordable accommodation for the following 6 months or so, whilst new members ‘get on their feet’.


We’re planning to set up lots more hospitality opportunities for members, with families, young couples and singles.  Carefully matching our members to warm and friendly hosts will ease the transition period and be a welcome opportunity for some home-cooked food and friendly banter. Quite a few of our members have already enjoyed some home hospitality.

English Tutors

We have plenty of maths tutors, but a shortage of English tutors who can support members through English GCSE so we’ll be recruiting more over the next few months.

Social Media

We’re moving into 5th gear to get our social media communications ‘out there’. If you’re not already following us, then now’s the time to do so:

We also have a new, baby Twitter account. You can follow us at

Staying Focused

Of course, like all Boards, we’re taking a fresh look at our Strategic Goals to be sure we’re meeting our members’ needs and staying focused on key activities.

Look out for the next update in a couple of weeks, and meanwhile I hope you’re keeping warm!