Careers Launchpad came at just the right time…

Our Careers Launchpad programme helps young Charedi and ex Charedi people into work with a six-week internship (paid by Mavar), mentoring and employability workshops in partnership with Work Avenue and Resource. You can read more about the programme here. Below is a blog from one of our first participants on her experiences. We are very proud of her achievements so far!


I always wanted to study medicine. When I was younger I would dress up as a doctor and nurse and play with the stethoscope and medical equipment for hours. From a child I was interested in the technical details of how surgery worked. When a classmate told me she had her finger sewn back on, I wondered how the surgeons did such a neat job. I excelled in science in school but never thought it would be possible to go to medical school with all the pressure and the lack of careers advice.

The Careers Launchpad programme entailed six weeks of relevant work experience alongside practical workshops teaching skills for the workplace. Since I am planning on training in the medical field, Mavar arranged for me to undertake a medical internship to gain hospital experience. This would enable me to see firsthand the work that Doctors, Physician Associates, Nurses and Medical staff carry out on a daily basis.

I was given a full timetable that included rotating between different hospital wards and clinics. In this way I could learn about the variety of medical conditions and hospital specialities.

I was really looking forward to starting the internship and once everything was confirmed and all the hospital paperwork was in place, I was ready to go!!

On my first day, I was given a short induction which included receiving an ID badge and parking pass. I was also shown where everything was located including the staffroom, theatre changing rooms, wards and offices. It was all new and it was amazing to be doing this.

I got changed into surgical scrubs, which was really exciting, and then joined the surgical ward round on the ICU unit. A ward round is a detailed review and plan for all patients on the ward which is conducted daily by the medical team. I was introduced to the medical team and they were very welcoming. There was a lot of new medical equipment and since it was a specialist ICU unit, I was explained what the specialist equipment was capable of performing.

That very afternoon I observed a tracheostomy at the bedside. I was inspired by the teamwork and positive approach of the medical team. I felt included right away which made me feel good.  

In the following days, I spent time on the Cardiothoracic ward, surgical ward, ICU and Theatre . I also went to several outpatient clinics including, Oncology, Paediatric, Surgical. I was also given the opportunity to meet the Professor of the Hospital Laboratory and spend time in the hospital Lab. 

The highlight of the internship was observing live surgery in theatre!! To see a real heart beating and the lungs expanding was fascinating and brought my studies to life!

My journey towards a career in medicine has been long and lonely and there is still work ahead. However, Mavar have really stepped up to give me support and opportunities to ensure that I will be successful. There is nothing more rewarding than working hard to achieve a goal and knowing that you are being supported and guided in a professional manner. 

The opportunity that Careers Launchpad gave me will help me secure interviews and work in the near future. I really learnt a lot and to be welcomed and to feel part of the medical team, even if it was for a few weeks, meant a lot to me and boosted my confidence in my chosen career plans!

It was definitely a positive experience for me and I enjoyed every part of it. I am so glad that I was given this incredible experience. My experience showed me that the medical world is a welcoming place with plenty of opportunity for aspiring students to get involved and ultimately make a positive difference to patients’ lives and our local communities.